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Meet the Writers

meet Emily

Meet Emily

Hi, everyone! My name is Emily Antoney Jeromeous and I am the Co-Director of Writing at Magnify Wellness. I appreciate the time that you take out of your day to read this piece, as I am so excited to share my perspectives and dreams with you. TW: mentions of drug abuse, assault...

meet Adele

Meet Adele

Hi everyone! My name is Adele and I’m a Secondary 3 student from Hong Kong. To most, ‘mental health’ is an overused buzzword that at best is a conversational currency; a status cemented by its ambiguity. Swarmed by the unbidden input of common skeptics...

meet Mikaela

Meet Mikaela

TW: Suicide. Hello, and welcome! My name is Mikaela Brewer, and I’m the Director of Writing here at Magnify! I’m so glad you’re here. I’m going to start with a little introduction about who I am, where I’m coming from, and where I’d love for us to go. On February 8th, 2017, I sat in the...

meet Gretel

Meet Gretel

Hi! My name is Gretel Tassah and I’m part of the Writing and Art Teams here at Magnify Wellness. This piece explores the Chameleon Effect, a social behavior that has a complicated relationship with our mental health. Last winter, I saw Air Force One footprints ingrained in the snow...

meet Adele

Meet Anabella

Hi, everyone! My name is Anabella Garcia and I am on the Writing team at Magnify Wellness. I am so excited to further explore mental health, especially given how I have seen its various aspects throughout my life. TW: discussions about struggles with body image...

meet Mikaela

Meet Melissa

Hi everyone! My name is Melissa Liu and I am on the writing staff here at Magnify. Before we start our journey together, let me introduce myself and my goals. An incident that occurred five years feels like it was yesterday, still fresh in my memories. An incident buried in the past continues to lurk into my days...

Spotlight on our founder: Abigayle!

Abigayle Peterson

Magnify Wellness was coded using a JavaScript library called React, but there is another language embedded into the story that Magnify Wellness’s code portrays. It is a familiar language, which conveys the challenging story of learning how to best use our gifts through the experiences we gain. Abigayle’s story is one that reminds us that