Meet the Writing Team

The writing team writes about a variety of topics on our blog, including: personal stories, features, mental health in the media, reviews, neuroscience & psychology, lifestyle, motivation and roundtable discussions about mental health topics. The writing team also helps proofread marketing/SEO materials and researches mental health topics relevant to our audience alongside the R&D team.

Gretel Tassah

Gretel Tassah is a high school senior from Minnesota. Gretel is a member of the writing and art teams. As an incoming freshman at UPenn, she will pursue a pre-law track to become an attorney. She loves the Magnify community and is passionate about its mission!

Melissa Liu

I'm Melissa and a junior in high school. I love writing short stories and connecting through them with my community. I believe that spreading Magnify’s mission to a global stance will make a significant impact, which is why I am writer in the team. Mental health is always be a priority and I am proud to be in here.