Meet the Team

Meet the Technology Team

The tech team is tasked with creating a smooth and functional website to display features of the app, promote magnify wellness and create a responsive website inclusive for all to spread mental health awareness. We continue to keep the website updated for the convenience of all our users and potential website viewers.

Harrison Toppen-Ryan

My name Harrison Toppen-Ryan and I'm a current 18 year old freshman majoring in Computer Science and Business at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA. I joined Magnify Wellness because I too struggled with mental health throughout high school and don't want to see other students go through the same struggles as I did.

Hannah Lexer

Hi. My name is Hannah Lexer and I am a Junior at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy and I am 17 years old. I joined magnify to help promote free access to mental health resources.

Katie Taylor

My name is Katie Taylor. I'm a 2nd-year computer science major at Western Washington University, where I'm also pursuing minors in linguistics and Spanish because I love languages! I joined Magnify because I'm passionate about technology for social good and helping decrease people's suffering.

Labib Joarder

My name is Labib Joarder and I’m currently attending the University of Washington. I joined Magnify Wellness because I am really interested in helping people my age with their mental health.

Omar Dajani

Omar Dajani is a 19 year old sophomore at Fullerton College. As an international student, Omar joined Magnify Wellness Because he is a proud advocate for mental health prosperity all over the world.

Patrik Benczik

My name is Patrik Benczik and I am a 15 year old web developer from Romania. I joined the Magnify Wellness team in order to help bring joy into peoples' lives and make the world a safer place.