Meet the Events Team

The events team creates, plans, and executes events for both the Magnify Team and the general public. From Time to Talk Day, a day focused on bringing mental health back into the conversation, to Let’s Rewind, a day of workshops to help destress, the events team focuses on spreading mental health awareness one event at a time.

Benetta Wang

Benetta Wang is a high school sophomore in Texas who has a passion for psychology and neuroscience and enjoys human interactions. In her free time, Benetta loves to read, journal, and spend time with her family and friends.

Tamara Gruslova

Tamara Gruslova is a high school junior from Texas. She plans to have a career in STEM. She strives to make a positive impact in society and increase the resources available for mental health.

Sara Malik

Sara Malik is currently a 9th grader in Ontario, Canada. Sara likes to read and write and chill with family. Sara has a passion for photography. She loves the MagniFam and being able to make a change through Magnify.

Rachelle Veloso

Rachelle Veloso is a student at Simon Fraser University in Canada. She intends to major in English and has a passion for poetry. Rachelle's strong advocacy towards mental health is why she decided to join the Magnify Wellness team.