The Magnify Wellness App

Talk to Maggie the AI-driven chatbot who provides emotional support and much more

Learn how to relax while using the 4-7-8 breathing method


Support is always available. Send a support and prayer request anonymously to a group of trusted people who care about your well-being

Reflect on your thoughts in a gratitude journal with randomized prompts

Reviews on the store:

Sparkly Cupkakes

Great mental health resource!
Maggie is the cutest chatbots. The rest of the app, from the journal, to the small games, to the quotes, is brilliant! Thank you!

Jessicaa Z

It's really helpful!
LOVE the journal feature, and I can tell so much effort was put into this app!! Really impressed by all the features! :)


Amazing App
This app is so important for anybody to use it allows you to think and reflect about your own thoughts and how to tackle any problems.


I definitely recommend it.
| downloaded this app after hearing a presentation from the creator and I love it! It is so well designed and really helpful.


I love this app
I've been using the app for a while and i love its features!

lindt lu

Good for Stress Relief
i have been stressed due to work and personal obligations, and i was recccomended this app by a friend.I would recommend it to others.

Magnify is here for you